Girl, 10, pens angry letter as tourists leave village in shocking state

Oliver Mills / Geograph

An “extremely upset” young girl has written an open letter to the tourists who have flooded her village with litter during lockdown.

Kylah, a 10-year-old resident of Matlock Bath, has angrily condemned visitors for “ruining” her hometown in the Peak District – which has seen huge volumes of visitors arrive to soak up record-breaking spring temperatures.

In the message, Kylah also explains that she and her fellow villagers were forced to clean the mess left behind by tourists; reiterating this was not something they should “have to do.”

“I am really [disappointed] in you all,” she adds.

Diane Evans

According to Kylah’s grandmother, the letter is being turned into a poster – and numerous copies will be pinned around Matlock Bath to deter future littering in the area.

Homeowners in the civil parish have been repeatedly forced to clear away piles of takeaway trays and rubbish carelessly discarded by day-trippers.

Visitors have been urged to remain away from the area despite the relaxation of lockdown measures.

Derbyshire Police expressed their concern that high tourist numbers in Matlock Bath make social distancing in the region “extremely difficult.”

“Derbyshire is a beautiful county and we understand people’s desire to visit, but a visit later in the year will help protect our local communities and give you the full Derbyshire experience,” the constabulary added.


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