Government set to change plans on primary schools opening before summer



Primary schools in England won’t have to welcome back all pupils until after the summer, according to the latest reports.

The government is set to drop their original plan for primary pupils to complete a four-week term before the summer break.

Primary schools in England had initially been told to prepare for the return of all children – with the phased reintroduction of Reception, Year One and Year Six classes last week.

But now the government is expected to leave head counts to schools’ discretion.

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson will deliver an update to the House of Commons later today.

Wikimedia Commons

According to The Guardian, Paul Whiteman, General Secretary of the National Association of Head Teachers, commented: “If confirmed, we’re pleased to see the government will not force the impossible. Schools will continue to use their flexibility, intelligently, to deliver the very best for all the pupils in their school.”

Many teachers across the UK had expressed their concern about the government’s original strategy; questioning whether it was possible to maintain social distancing.

Secondary schools in England, Northern Ireland and Scotland are set to remain shut until September at the earliest. Some schools may partially reopen in Wales for a short term.

Most colleges and universities in the UK are currently closed but hope to reopen in the autumn ready for a new academic year.

Early suggestions are that classes could be held exclusively online in some higher education facilities – at least for the first semester.


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