Greater Manchester Police publish statement on George Floyd’s death – saying they are “appalled and horrified”

Greater Manchester Police have published a statement of unity online this week – confirming they “stand alongside those who are appalled by the way George Floyd lost his life.”

The regional police force have said that “justice and accountability should follow”.

GMP also promised to “tackle bias, racism or discrimination wherever (they) find it” at home here in Manchester.

“The relationship between the police and the public in the UK is strong but there is always more to do,” the police statement reads.

“Every day, up and down the country, officers and staff are working to strengthen those relationships and address concerns. Only by working closely with our communities do we build trust and help keep people safe.”

Greater Manchester Police

The American public’s fractured relationship with police has erupted into all-out combat during the past week, with alarming scenes of violence spreading across US cities.

Civil unrest has raged throughout the States since 46-year-old African-American Mr. Floyd was pulled over, apprehended and killed in Minneapolis nine days ago.

A video appeared on the web showing Floyd lose consciousness in police custody as one officer knelt on his neck for almost nine minutes.

Chauvin has since been brought up on murder charges.

Mass protests have been held worldwide in response to the incident, including a Black Lives Matter march in Manchester city centre this past weekend.

Another rally is scheduled to take place at Piccadilly Gardens at 1pm on Saturday 6 June.

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