Greggs asked people what their first orders will be after lockdown and thousands responded

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It’s a massive understatement at this point to say that we miss Greggs.

Of course it we miss it. It’s been 11 weeks since branches across the UK closed to the public and quite frankly, it’s felt like 11 of the longest weeks on record.

At the start of lockdown, there was a period of nationwide mourning for the little pleasures we’d lost, like grabbing a bacon roll and a coffee before work, or a steak bake at lunch. Greggs tried its best to fill this void by releasing some of its best-loved recipes to bake at home, but it just wasn’t the same, was it?

As time progressed, the pain got a little easier to deal with, but it never went away.

The high street bakery chain teased fans saying it was planning on reopening a few trial stores towards the end of April and the excitement was palpable, but then it shelved those plans at the start of May after recognising it wouldn’t be feasible and the agonising continued.

Finally, after weeks of being on tenterhooks, Greggs announced it would be reopening 800 branches in June and we could finally let ourselves be excited.

Malcom Hart

In the spirit of letting the excitement build and build, and presumably to make sure no one has forgotten about them (like we would?), Greggs took to social media this week to ask fans – “Which Greggs order have you been dreaming about most during lockdown?”.

Thousands responded.[0]=68.ARBg08-Ecn6PkDEYLZzHX-jfQeEQvSnMwIoljtJzIKgQfsdGIipZ6hGWhHxIPg_4EdY9qHmfBdlg0MaNrrG8oUCVeWWQrFoY1gsfrUW0aIEo2mLxWgg7Wl70zCx3E0AifyMW6zqvjbZ85MZsjUnTOhPF5P8r9lzPqJfcgGFSlS_LMF32LStCI1vbzDaUuJw3Y9TvdnMWvjTGVccJMzFpToLPStZKMwtdX_a4K5uw6jnsyoLyO1qcj_HccnJE2T5e7XspHxZeTZy4ca4fRV_jJK29ObmqCVUKE7a2QvHl7zWvUpl_vvmOv93zt4JZgs7CEssZzReCV7Y&__tn__=-R

There was a mixed bag of responses.

As you can imagine, a lot were fairly standard, you know – sausage rolls, steak bakes, sausage, bean and cheese melts, and yum yums – others a little more left-field, but to refrain from inciting any arguments, we’ll let you decide what you consider to be ‘left-field’ here.

All we will say is that it looks like everyone and their Mum had a say in what their first Greggs order would be.

Even Dick and Dom crawled out the woodwork:

The best response though? This one, no questions asked:

Sounds about right.

Now, it hasn’t been confirmed which Greggs branches will be open for business when stores reopen so you’ll just have to keep your eyes peeled for those, but what we do know is that the chain is aiming to have all locations open nationwide by 1st July.

One thing we know for sure is it’s going to be one heck of a reunion when the day comes.

We can’t wait to see you, Greggs.

You can find out more information about Greggs’ coronavirus (COVID-19) response via its website here.

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