How Marcus Rashford has been helping the homeless, the hungry and the hard of hearing during lockdown

Wikimedia Commons

Marcus Rashford has a reputation for being a rare breed of modern footballer who keeps his head down and hides in the shadows. But that’s not entirely true.

In fact, the Manchester United striker has the energetic online presence of any young football star. He posts across his social media accounts almost every day. He’s frequently involved in back-and-forths with other users.

But, the thing is, Rashford’s social media activity isn’t sensational enough to make the red top headlines. You aren’t likely to find him on Instagram grasping bottles of champagne, posing in the driver’s seat of a supercar or lounging in a hot tub draped in jewellery.

Instead, he chooses to promote and support causes in the local community.

That’s the difference.

England’s forward doesn’t keep his head down online; he simply uses social media in a very different way.

This behaviour is exemplified best in a recent tweet from podcaster and comedian Ray Bradshaw.

The post, which has since gone viral, highlights how the Red Devils striker has spent his time helping others since the Premier League shut down in April.

Ray’s tweet reads: “Marcus Rashford in lockdown has:

“Started a charity that raised £20 million and helped feed 2.8 million children.

“Launched a Christmas Box campaign with Selfridges to help Manchester’s homeless.

“Learned sign language to judge a poetry competition in a deaf school.

“He’s 22.”

The aforementioned campaigns continue to this date – and according to recent statements, Rashford’s collaboration with FairShare charity is just 30k short of serving three million meals to vulnerable people across the UK.

“We have done a great job so far but we still have a long way to go,” tweeted the striker.

A number of big-name footballers have made serious errors of judgment during lockdown; causing a splash in the national press for all the wrong reasons.

But up here in the biggest footballing city in the world, we have Rashford quietly going about his business helping the homeless, the hungry and the hard of hearing.

Perhaps it’s time he got the recognition he deserves.