Huge explosion heard in Castlefield as Manchester residents take to Twitter


A “huge explosion” heard in Castlefield has prompted many Manchester residents to take to Twitter this afternoon.

The loud noise was first heard at around 11.55am on Thursday morning and was “literally felt” by residents in the area.

Taking to Twitter, popular Manchester DJ Gareth Brooks said: “Anyone else hear that loud f*cking bang / explosion in Castlefield?”

In response to one tweet, Twitter user RaxadorRequest wrote: “Scrapyard has an explosion. Nobody’s hurt. They’re back to work”

However it is not yet confirmed whether this was the source of the ‘explosion’.

As the region continues its lockdown, Manchester city centre’s regeneration has been accelerated, with more construction work happening in and around town than ever before – it’s likely that the noise was generated from a construction site, but we won’t know until Greater Manchester Police has confirmed.

We’ve reached out for comment and will update you when we know more.

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