Hugh Jackman goes for a bike ride around Piccadilly Gardens

Hugh Jackman on Instagram

Hugh Jackman has swapped the Hollywood sidewalks for the spice-ridden concrete of Piccadilly Gardens today for his latest bike ride.

The Greatest Showman, who is in the city for his two-day Arena tour, hopped on his bike to explore Manchester and posted some classic tourist photos on his Instagram in the process.

The legendary actor stopped at Cathedral Gardens for a selfie, which is pretty common for tourists of the city, but he clearly didn't get the Piccadilly Gardens memo.

Hugh Jackman on Instagram

The bike, sunglasses and helmet ensemble seemed to help the star go largely unnoticed as he biked around in the muggy Manchester weather, while passersby geared up for their bank holiday weekend.

His tour, entitled 'The Man. The Music. The Show' kicks off at the Manchester Arena tonight (Friday) and is followed by a second show tomorrow. He'll be joined on stage by Greatest Showman co-star Keala Settle as well as a live orchestra.

It's going to be an event of epic proportions, and we're jealous of anyone who is attending.

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