Iceland has launched a new range of Ultra Thin pizzas and they’re really cheap


There’s something for all taste buds and they’re promising more crunch for your plate than your wallet.

Iceland has expanded its delicious pizza range to include a line of brand new ultra thin pizzas with the crispiest base yet and they’re now available to grab in store and online.

The UK supermarket retail giant has answered the prayers of crispy pizza lovers across the nation as this new range has a super thin base that provides more crunch than ever before, allowing the toppings to burst with flavour on top of the perfectly baked crust.

With four different options to chose from, there’s something for everyone and they won’t break the bank.

  • Ultra-Thin Hot Pepperoni: £1.50
  • Ultra-Thin Four Cheese: £1.50
  • Ultra-Thin Chicken Tikka: £1.50
  • Ultra-Thin Sweet Chilli Chicken: £1.50

For those who like their pizza hot, the ‘Ultra-Thin Hot Pepperoni Pizza’ offers the best blast of heat with every bite. The sizzlingly spicy pepperoni slices pack a real Italian punch with lashings of flavour making for one crunch-filled meal.

If one cheese is never enough, then Iceland has you covered with four. The ‘Ultra-Thin Four Cheese Pizza’ is loaded with mozzarella, Edam, Monterey Jack and red Cheddar, paired with a traditional tomato sauce. Once baked, the creamy blend of cheese perfectly balances the crispy base and ensures every mouthful leaves you wanting more.

Curry night takes on a whole new meaning with the ‘Ultra-Thin Chicken Tikka Pizza’. Iceland has solved every family take away dilemma by topping a super crispy pizza with spicy chicken pieces and an Indian style sauce so that Italian and Indian cuisine lovers can end the night happy and full.

Rounding off the new range is the ‘Ultra-Thin Sweet Chilli Chicken Pizza’. Topping the brand new ultra crispy base is a classic sweet chilli sauce and chicken breast pieces chicken to create the perfect balance of sweet, savoury and spice.

Fancy grabbing a slice for your next lockdown night in then?

All pizzas are now available to get your hands on from Iceland stores across the UK and online.

It’s advised that you check the opening times for your local branch before making any trips and you can do so on Iceland’s store locator here.

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