Iceland is selling Hash Brown Fries for super cheap


I don’t want to alarm anyone, but Iceland is currently selling Hash Brown Fries and they look incredible.

The amalgamation of fries and hash browns has been a long time coming to be honest, combining two of life's greatest things in a perfect union.

According to Iceland’s website the hash brown fries are ‘formed, shredded and seasoned potato with onion pre-fried in rapeseed oil,’ and are suitable for vegetarians.

And in even better news, a 700g bag of them will only set you back £1.85, and the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive.

According to one review: “Tried these tonight and they are beautiful, there nice and crispy on the outside and lovely and fluffy in the middle, these are on my shopping list every week from now on! I don’t think any other chip can beat these.”

This reviewer said: “I have died and gone to heaven, these are the tastiest chip I have ever had! Please, please, please don’t ever stop doing these,” while another added: “Quite simply the best chips I've ever had cooked in the oven.”

You can get your hands on a bag of them here.

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