Iceland launch UK’s hottest supermarket chicken wings


We’ve got some news that Manc spice lovers have been waiting for their entire lives.

Iceland is launching the UK’s hottest supermarket chicken wings, and they’re only £3.

Even if you do like your Nando’s extra hot, you still might not be able to handle these bad boys as they’re made using the world’s hottest chilli.


The infamous Carolina Reaper chilli is said to be 230 times spicier than a jalapeño pepper and when Iceland tested the new wings, they scored 720,000 on the Scoville Scale - the scale which measures how spicy a chilli pepper is.

The 'Red Hot Chicken Wings' are available both in-store and online, come in a 630g pack and will be available throughout the summer months. They are said to be best finished on the barbecue, giving them a crispy finish.

Apparently they taste of tomato, garlic and paprika, although we find it hard to believe they taste of anything other than pain and misery.

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