Keep the kids busy with these cupcake kits from ASDA and Morrisons

Cake Decor

Are the kids beginning to get a bit restless now?

Can’t blame them. Lockdown is causing many of us to start climbing the walls.

In the beginning, we alleviated the tedium with exercise. Then it was quizzes (so many quizzes).

Now those trends are well and truly worn out, the latest craze keeping the nation busy is baking.

And one company has found a fun and simple way for you to get the kids involved.

Cake Decor has released a series of cupcake-making kits designed for the little ones – which are apparently available to scoop up from supermarkets Asda and Morrisons.

Cake Decor

The duo of kits include the “Movie Night” box and the “Slime” kit.

The former provides a recipe for some delicious-looking desserts with caramel popcorn dotted on top, whilst the latter contains a method for creating gooey treats smeared in green edible glitter slime.

Seemingly all you need to make the cakes is “1 medium egg, oil and water” – so it should be a simple enough job even for the amateur bakers out there.

Reckon this is something your kids would love?

Head over to the Cake Decor website to learn more.

Hopefully this should buy you a bit of peace and quiet for a day or two….

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