Liam Gallagher claims Yorkshire Tea is the best and says PG Tips can ‘f*** off’

Stefan Brending / Wikimedia

The king of the north has blessed us with his almighty wisdom once again, and we must hear him speak.

No, I’m not talking about Game of Thrones.

Liam Gallagher has proclaimed that Yorkshire Tea is the best and that PG tips can, in no uncertain terms, go away.

In a new clip from his documentary, As It Was, Gallagher declares his love for tea.

His son, Gene, then asks which tea bag is best.

Throwing in a wanker hand gesture, Liam replies: “Yorkshire... PG Tips, fuck off."

PG Tips

Liam then adds: "PG Tips is like a football team that was mega, went down to the first division and it can't get back into the Premiership.

"It's a little bit the opposite way around with the Yorkshire Tea, they got great tea, but their teams are f*cking sh*te!"

In 2017, Mr Gallagher went viral with a hilarious clip talking about the days in which he had four people to make cups of tea for him.

There you are, the boss has spoken. Thoughts?

As It Was will be released Friday, June 7.

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