Limited Edition lemon and mint Daim bars found at Quality Save in Prestwich


Daim bars, but in lemon and mint flavours? We’re listening.

Apparently, lemon and mint Daim bars are a thing and you can find them knocking around in shops across Greater Manchester if you keep your eyes out.

The limited edition Daim Lemon and Diam Mint bars were spotted by an eagle-eyed shopper at budget chain store Quality Save in Prestwich this week and whilst we’re completely aware that these aren’t new creations, you do have to admit that you just don’t see them on shelves that often, do you?

It also seems like a bit of a crime that they’re limited edition as well considering how amazing they sound.

We’ve not had the chance to try them, but fans are saying they’re the best yet.

Anna Gledson

It’s not clear how much these three-packs retailed for at Quality Save and they’re not available to purchase on the website either, but they generally seem to go for as little as £1, so you won’t be breaking the bank if you fancy treating yourself.

Obviously, both of these variants are limited edition as mentioned, meaning that stock is likely to be thinner on the ground and won’t be as easily accessible as the original Daim bars, but we have no doubt that there’ll be plenty of places you’ll be able to get your hands on them if you don’t live in/near Prestwich, or close to a Quality Save.

A quick search around online shows us that they have actually both been in circulation for a while and have recently made the return to UK stores mid-late last year.

Since May 2019, it appears that Daim Lemon and Daim Mint have also been spotted in other budget stores such as B&M and Poundland and on supermarket shelves at Iceland too, but they haven’t tended to be a mainstay, so fingers crossed you can find them.

If you don’t want to run the risk of not finding any though after trailing around different shops, then you’ll be glad to know that you also can buy them in bulk from both Amazon and eBay.

You can buy a three pack of Daim Mint for £3.35 off Amazon here and a 5×3 pack of Lemon Daim for £9.99 off eBay here.

Other Daim variants are also available online too.

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