Little girl whose ‘dream holiday’ was cancelled due to coronavirus has the magic of Disneyland brought to her home

Abbie-Lee Brass

“If we cant go to Disneyland, we are just going to have to bring Disneyland to us”.

Life is very different at the moment amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and news of holiday cancellations have unfortunately become the norm for many Brits with flights grounded at airports across the country until further notice.

One family caught up in holiday cancellation disappointment saw four-year-old Annalise have her dream trip to Disneyland Paris put on the back-burner and we’re sure that anyone who’s ever been lucky enough to experience this magical place can understand just how upsetting this is.

Determined not to let lockdown ruin the experience, her parents stepped in to recreate this once in a lifetime holiday in the best way that they possibly could by bringing the magic of Disneyland right to their home on the very same day they were supposed to travel out to Paris.

Sharing photos of the magical ‘Disneyland at Home’ in a post on Facebook, Annalise’s Mum, Abbi-Lee, said: “Due to the coronavirus pandemic, our dream holiday to Disneyland was cancelled.”

“So on the very day we were due to fly to Paris, we brought the magic of Disneyland to our home”.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic… our dream holiday to Disneyland paris was cancelled.So on the very day we were due…

Posted by Abbie-lee Brass on Monday, 25 May 2020

How amazing is this?

Abbie-Lee revealed that she had been “making/collecting/planning a Disneyland at Home experience” for the past month and that they told Annalise about the excitement they had in store for her just a couple of days prior.

They also made “lots of yummy treats” to enjoy together as well.

Abbie-Lee Brass
Abbie-Lee Brass
Abbie-Lee Brass
Abbie-Lee Brass
Abbie-Lee Brass

Since sharing updates from their magical at-home holiday on Facebook yesterday, the post has since amassed dozens of interactions and complimentary comments from others expressing just how impressed they are at the efforts gone to by Abbie-Lee and her partner Craig.

One impressed Facebook user replied saying: “Love this! What a wonderful idea”.

Another added: “I want you to be my parents!”

“Love this. When lockdown is over I want to come to Disneyland at home” commented another.

Speaking to The Manc on the overwhelming amount of positivity they have received since posting, Abbie-Lee said: “I cant believe the response its had from just trying to make the best of what we can.”

Well, we think it’s safe to say that this has added a whole new meaning to the phrase of ‘making the best of bad situation’ and we absolutely love it.

An achievement to be very, very proud of.

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