Loss of taste and smell added to list of COVID-19 symptoms

Aqua Mechanical/Flickr

The UK is officially recognising a loss of taste and/or smell (‘anosmia’) as a symptom of COVID-19. 

Since the outbreak began, the only confirmed signs of coronavirus infection have been a continuous dry cough and high temperature. 

But the government has now updated its advice following recommendations from health experts – adding anosmia to the list of reasons to isolate or acquire a test. 

Previous isolation recommendations only applied to those with a dry cough and fever.
Helena Lopes/Unsplash

Anyone who develops any of these symptoms should remain at home for seven days, avoiding contact with others. 

Deputy chief medical officer Professor Jonathan Van-Tam, who has been advising the government on COVID-19, said that more cases could be picked up by highlighting anosmia as an official warning sign of infection.

According to research, 13% to over 50% of people with coronavirus apparently experience anosmia at some stage.


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