Maltesers releasing white truffles with honeycomb in the UK


We’ve got some more good news for chocolate lovers, brought to you by the good people at Maltesers.

White chocolate truffles with honeycomb. That is all. No more words needed.

Okay, you can have a few more words - Maltesers will be launching these exquisite choco treats next month, and the honeycomb and chocolate combination sounds like a proper winner.

And while Christmas is still months away, these will be perfect for the big day so you best start stockpiling them.

Like the milk chocolate truffles they brought out last year, these will contain honeycomb and chocolate, but with the added bonus of a creamy truffle texture.

They’re going to be sold exclusively at Tesco for £4.99 a 200g pack, and you’ll be able to grab them online and in stores from September 9th.

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