Man City fan gives Pep Guardiola a lift home after victory parade

Mark Hilton

Picture the scene. You've spent upwards of six hours in the baking sun on Deansgate, waiting for a big blue bus to drive past, screaming "CITY! CITY! CITY!" at the top of your lungs.

You watch your favourite team celebrate their recent FA Cup victory on stage, along with the other two domestic titles they won this year, while doing everything you can to get a thumbs up from manager Pep Guardiola.

After several hours of celebrating in a sea of blue, you head to your car to leave, when a security guy stops you and asks if you'll give Guardiola a lift home. Yep, that escalated. But that's literally what happened for Man City fan Mark Hilton.

The BBC cameraman had just finished filming (and celebrating) the team's victory parade when he was asked to nip Pep back to his hotel - which is only a short drive from where the parade crossed its finish line.

Mr Hilton said: "I'm just about to leave the back of the media compound and Pep and the players were at the back of the cathedral as it had all finished on the stage and they're just all having drinks.

"I was just about to leave and a security guy came over. He said 'are you going?' so I said 'yeah' and he said 'you couldn't give Pep a lift home could you, we can't get him out'. I said 'give him a lift home? I'll carry him home!'"

City security wouldn't let Pep walk back to his hotel, as the streets were too busy and they feared he would be mobbed, and Mark was more than delighted to lend a hand. The above video is his brilliant recollection of events.

Man City recently became the first English men's team to complete a domestic treble, and fans were out to celebrate in unprecedented numbers.

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