Manchester Airport is officially one of the worst in the UK

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It’s official, Manchester Airport is one of the worst in the UK.

That’s according to a new survey by Which? Travel, where 30 airports were ranked by 4,499 of its members, who looked at more than 6,000 airport experiences.

Manchester Airport was not popular among those surveyed, with two of its terminals being named at the bottom of the rankings.

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Both Manchester Terminal 3 and Manchester Terminal 1 did very badly, coming in the bottom three for large airports - those that see more than 10 million passengers pass through per year - just behind London Luton, which was named crappest in the large category.

Manchester T3 came out worse, with an overall customer rating of 47% - in contrast Manchester T1 got a very slightly more respectable 50%.

Which? members rated the airports on a number of factors, like staff, shop prices, seating, queues, and food offerings, and their scores were based on both overall satisfaction and how likely they were to recommend them.

Naomi Leach of Which? Travel said:

It is clear that smaller airports are generally outperforming their larger counterparts with seamless security checks and friendly staff making the biggest impression with flyers. So if you have the luxury of choice when it comes to which airport you fly from, choose Doncaster Sheffield over Leeds Bradford, Southend over Luton, Edinburgh over Aberdeen and Belfast City over Belfast International for a smoother start to your trip.
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The best large airports were London Heathrow Terminal 5 and Terminal 2, and Birmingham Airport.

As for small airports, Belfast International took the bottom spot with a rating of only 42%, while Doncaster Sheffield came top with a whopping 86% approval rating.

Is Manchester Airport really that bad?

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