Manchester Airport slammed by dad who was charged £28 to drop off son

Eirian Evans / Geograph

The new charges at Manchester Airport have been very controversial, with most people not impressed by the additional fee being added on to their holidays.

Their drop off charge is usually £3 for a quick five minute stop, and £4 for ten minutes, but one dad ended up getting charged £28 recently.

Paul Atherton was dropping his son off at Terminal 1 when he was hit with the extortionate charge.

David Dixon / Geograph

The 62-year-old was leaving the terminal when he received a phone call from his son, saying he’d left a bag in the car which he needed for his holiday.

Paul thought he’d have to pay another £3 for heading back into the drop-off zone, but was in fact told he now owed a whopping £25 - on top of the original £3 for dropping off his son.

Richard Webb / Geograph

While the Manchester Airport website says you can’t return within 30 minutes with a £25 penalty for non-compliance, according to the dad-of-one from Macclesfield, there weren’t any visible signs to warn drivers they would be charged for reentering within half an hour.

The new charges were introduced in 2018 by airport bosses, so as to help ease congestion.

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