Manchester Airport to charge more to pick up passengers

Mike Peel / Wikimedia commons

Manchester airport is set to increase its parking fees for picking up passengers.

Prices will rise this Saturday and it will cost an extra 50p for most short stay parking.

You will be charged extra for using the multi-storey car parks for pickups if you are arriving at the airport, or if you have not pre-booked a long stay space when departing.

Manchester Airport has said that the fee hike is in line with other UK airports and that drop-off fees will remain untouched.

A stay of up to 30 minutes will now cost £4.50 as opposed to the original price of £4. If you hold a discount card you will be charged £2.70 for a 30-minute stay, an increase of 30p.

A 24-hour stay will also now cost £45 rather than £40.

The price hike is likely to affect airport transfer companies and travellers have complained in the past of the difficulties associated with booking taxis to the airport.

A spokesman for the Manchester Airport said:

The prices for turn-up car parking will increase by 50p from 1st June. This price increase remains competitive, is in line with other UK airports and hasn’t gone up in more than two years.

The spokesman added that the airport recommends departing passengers book their parking in advance online to get the best possible price.

Bosses also pointed out that they encourage passengers to use ‘the many public transport options when accessing the airport.’

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