Manchester Arena bomb appeal has raised £21.6 million for victims and their families

The final total of the appeal fund raised for the victims and families of the Manchester Arena terror attack has been revealed today, and the number is a staggering £21.6 million.

The We Love Manchester Emergency Fund was launched just after the bombing back in 2017 in which 22 people sadly lost their lives.

The fund was raised in a number of ways by thousands of incredible adults and children - with the biggest single donation coming from the One Love Manchester concert headlined by Ariana Grande, which made just over £7 million.

According to the Manchester Evening News, the fund stopped taking money in January of this year, with the final £1.1 million being distributed to those who suffered significant injuries at the Arena that night.

This will also include funding for intensive physiotherapy at the Manchester Institute of Health and Performance.

The fund has already helped so many people, especially those who suffer with mental health problems in the wake of the attack - and was the first fund to ever offer money to people who have suffered trauma as a direct result of an attack or disaster.

It also proved how amazing the people of Manchester are, and how we rally together during times of need. Amazing stuff.

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