Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham speaks out after morning of Northern rail chaos

Andy Burnham

Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham has spoken out after a morning of Northern rail chaos following anticipated changes to the timetable.

Cancellations and delays across dozens of services swept the North of England on Monday morning as rail commuters in Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Yorkshire and Merseyside took to social media to share their dismay.

It wasn't just Northern rail who had issues, though, as Transpennine Express also cancelled 29 services.

Northern rail

Northern cancelled a whopping 19 trains by 10am and 31 more were delayed, however the rail operator marked this down to "operational issues" rather than the timetable change.

After hundreds of angry commuters made complaints and had their start to the week ruined, Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham took to social media to fight their corner.

The Mayor said: "This chaos, and the misery it causes for passengers, has gone on far too long. If the Government is serious about support the North, then it needs to show it by acting this week to sort out our failing rail services.

"As a first step, it should strip Northern of its franchise. That would send a clear signal to all rail operators – notably TransPennine Express – that we will not accept an second-class rail service for people in the North. If TransPennine Express fail to respond to that message, they should be next."

Were you affected by this morning's rail service failures? What action do you want to see taken, to sort this mess out once and for all? Let us know.

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