Manchester set for heavy rain, strong winds and possibly snow after yellow warning

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Things aren’t looking good for Greater Manchester weather-wise, as the Met Office is forecasting some very bad weather in the region.

If you have plans this weekend you might want to wrap up and bring an umbrella, as a yellow warning has been put in place for heavy rain.

Forecasters are predicting torrential downpours and strong winds, as well as dropping temperatures and the possibility of some snow.

The heavy rain is expected to hit Friday afternoon until Saturday night, with the yellow warning in place for much of the North West.

Strong winds of 33mph as well as 7mm of rain are forecast to hit the region, with temperatures set to fall as low as 2 degrees on Friday night - meaning the rain could turn into snow or sleet up on higher areas.

As a result of the bad weather, the Met Office is warning of potential flooding and disruption to transport, as well as the slight chance of power cuts, and loss of other essential services.

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While the rain is expected to clear up as the weekend goes on, with Sunday looking dry, temperatures are set to remain chilly.

Looks like winter is officially here then…

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