Manchester woke up to a huge thunderstorm last night and the footage is epic

Jonathan Hill @jhillwriter / Twitter

In case you somehow managed to sleep through it, there was a massive thunderstorm in Greater Manchester last night.

It all kicked off around 2am, with a downpour of rain accompanied by thunder and lightning.

And it was epic, as the footage and pictures from the storm show. People were quick to take to Twitter to showcase their experience of The Great Manchester Thunderstorm of 2019.

The Met Office had issued a yellow weather alert warning of a potential overnight storm last night, and yesterday’s intense heat gave in to the extreme weather conditions we saw.

As you may have also noticed, it was very hot yesterday. And today will also be hot, with tomorrow, Thursday July 24th, forecast to potentially be the hottest day of the year.

And if you really enjoyed last night’s storm you’re in luck, as the BBC forecast says there’s a 30% chance we’ll get another one Thursday evening.

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