Manchester’s best and worst McDonald’s restaurants according to TripAdvisor


We all love a Maccies from time to time, and with the Christmas period coming up, a lot of us will be using the restaurant to supplement our hangovers.

Whether you live in Manchester city centre, or the leafy suburbs, there's always a McDonald's restaurant nearby – and we all have our favourites.


We've put together a short list of some of the best and worst rated McDonald's restaurants in Manchester, according to TripAdvisor ratings, and it makes for hilarious reading.

So without further ado, here are some of the best and worst Maccies restaurants in Manchester...

Trip Advisor

McDonald's Oxford Road, 3 stars (88 reviews)

Probably one of most popular and best known McDonald's restaurants in Manchester city centre. Located on the corner of Oxford Road at the foot of Portland Street this restaurant is busy at any hour of the day and has been home to many unsanctioned boxing matches. This is what Trip Advisor reviewers say about McDonald's Oxford Road...

Neil H didn't have a great time, he wrote: "This place just attracts homeless dirty smelly people. Tables are dirty. Yesterday people were asleep in there, also a guy with snot dripping on the floor and table... Really needs to close, disgusting hygiene."

JohnlU1211JY went in for breakfast and came out pretty p*ssed off: "Just visited here for my breakfast, the toilets are filthy, water all over the floor, dirty napkins/toilet roll all over the floor. Empty bottles. Waited 10 minutes for one bkfst wrap so my coffee was cold. Staff just drifting around, no motivation... It's not my first visit here and things always seem to be the same."

However, it's not all grim for McDonald's Oxford Road, as allertonlad wrote: "An enjoyable visit to this branch of McDonald's in Manchester. An excellent breakfast meal deal, delicious food, good views of the outside world from the window seats. Everywhere looked to be reasonably clean."

Trip Advisor

McDonald's Piccadilly Gardens, 3.5 stars (34 reviews)

If McDonald's Oxford Road is the most popular McDonald's restaurant in the city centre, then Piccadilly Gardens is a close second, and it's rated a whole half a star higher, somehow... This location only opened a few years ago, but is a little more vibrant than Oxford Road, attracting plenty of attention from the Piccadilly Gardens locals. This is what Trip Advisor reviewers say about McDonald's Piccadilly Gardens...

Reviewer sarahbourgaize is a big fan, writing: "Love it here, we do not have a McDonald's where I live... the nearest we have is a boat ride or a a flight, costing a lot of money, so when we are away we have it most days. Great choice of food and not all bad for you. This place is very busy, but clean. It has seats on ground level and downstairs. I would recommend."

However, lolly110 thinks it's 'one of the worst ever', writing: "This McDonald's is guaranteed to either get your order wrong or part of your order will be missing. It's happened to me twice now, things have been missing from my order when I've got home, so now I ensure I check I ask first if everything is there. Of course they say yes, but I always double check and guarantee 8/10 everything isn't there."

Reviewer PaulSTripAdv had a very standard experience, writing: "Well it's a McDonalds, same as most with the usual touch screens and ordering at the till with a waiting area for orders. Nothing outstanding and does it's job."

Trip Advisor

McDonald's Bury New Road, 3.5 stars (33 reviews)

Another popular, standalone McDonald's restaurant. Bury New Road has been standing for a while and is one of the more popular drive-thru restaurants with a surprising 3.5 stars. Here's what people on TripAdvisor are saying about it...

Reviewer luckjonson had a great milkshake: "It was better then last time however the milkshake was beautiful and amazing still thinking to go back and having another one .Maybe tomorrow. Thanks for this time."

However, Aln H wasn't as easily convinced: "Totally disgusted at this visit, order wrong, no holders for ice cream cones (which I didn’t order should have been McFlurry), put photos on review of how they gave me them. They were for my grandkids at home so I didn’t know the difference. Phoned McDonald’s three times nobody answers, not good enough for a restaurant that is not cheap but convenient I will avoid this place in the future."

What a twist, luckjonson is back, writing: "Been waiting 15 minutes for my coffee and chick fillet and then when I asked the guy (the old one) but he just ignored me even when it wasn’t too busy day. Anyway, I’ll go there again because it is just very close to my flat and also I keep go there because of other people who working there and very friendly especially the lady who always cleaning around."

It's a hit and miss for Tom Rowland, though: "Lived near this Mcdonalds for a few years, sometimes I have zero trouble and it’s perfect, other times I've waited 10-20 minutes for food."

Trip Advisor

McDonald's Sport City, 3 stars (32 reviews)

McDonald's Sport City is the Maccies you go to in order to prepare for a stressful, big shop is Asda Eastlands just a few hundred metres from the restaurant's doors. It's a busy one, though, especially on Manchester City match days, who, like Asda, are located just next door. The popular drive-thru branch has been standing for a long time and can be hit and miss amongst reviewers. Here's what people on Trip Advisor say about it...

Reviewer tomb was passionate about his visit: "An absolute embarrassment to the mighty McDonald’s brand. I came in and sat down with a locator for food service. Instead the staff just chucked my food on the counter, called my number and walked off to have a conversation with their mates. I expect better service in a brothel. The extra, unnecessary, steps to the counter could have killed me I hadn’t stretched or anything as I wasn’t expecting the extra exercise, what if I pulled a hamstring or another muscle? Very poor experience."

However, it's Julian M's favourite McDonald's. He wrote: "I love fast food and there is not even one month without it. I always visit with friends. Good food and staff."

Kirsty S wasn't happy about the restaurant's 'yob control', writing: "Our children are aged 5 and 7 and had to witness a gang of teenage lads swearing, jumping from one table to another and pushing and shoving each other. A member of staff asked them to behave but you could see she was in fear of them. They were not eating or drinking and therefore I explained it wasn't a youth club. The general table staff said it happens every night but  they just let them get away with it."

Trip Advisor

McDonald's Arndale Food Court, 2.5 stars (19 reviews)

One of the lowest rated McDonald's in the city centre. We've all been here at one point in our lives. The food court is bad enough on its own sometimes, so it's a bit of a double whammy experience for some. Here's what people on Trip Advisor are saying about it...

Stephen H doesn't even have to eat at places to drop them a scathing review. He wrote: "In a centre with many food outlets and a street food market this McDonalds is boring and on par with any other. You really must be struggling with food choices to eat here."

Allertonlad, also featured above, wrote: "Have started to pop into McDonald's at the Arndale way too often recently, to satisfy my guilty pleasure. Whilst the food court is usually overcrowded, and the staff not overly helpful, the egg & cheese McMuffins are superb. One is never enough. Good job they stop serving breakfast at 10.30. The guilt trip starts to kick in during the long escalator ride up..."

Review Lea C needs fast food, not slow food: "Supposed to be fast food, waited 15min. Other people were waiting a lot longer Will not be going there again."

Of course, there are plenty more restaurants to feature in the list, but we'll be here all day. Find out how your favourite McDonald's matches up to the rest on Trip Advisor here.

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