The Manc - Manchester’s first trainer cleaning shop has opened"

Manchester’s first trainer cleaning shop has opened

Sneaker Pharm / Instagram

We’ve all had a pair of trainers we absolutely loved, a pair that left us devastated when the time finally came to get rid of them, after the stains or smells just got too much.

It’s a sad moment, but thanks to a new Manc shop it’s something that might not have to happen so soon.

That’s right, Manchester’s first trainer cleaning shop has opened up, meaning you no longer have to risk destroying a pair of precious shoes in a pillowcase in the washing machine (RIP my white and grey Reebok Classics).

Sneaker Pharm is now open at Hatch on Oxford Road, offering a range of trainer maintenance services, including deep cleaning, sole swaps, resprays and de-yellowing.

The business was founded by Vincent Tao, and while there are services online to get your trainers sorted, this is the first physical location in Manchester.

And the prices are very reasonable, with a thorough clean on basic materials like leather, rubber and nylon setting you back just £10, and more premium materials such as suede, nubuck or cotton mesh only going up to £15.

They will also do handbags, hats and other types of shoes on request, so give them a shout.

For more information head over to their website here, or check out their Instagram to see the results of their trainer cleaning prowess.

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