Mancunian hairdressers revolutionise the hair brush with their new Hairshark invention

Anders Rusden and Jo Ferns

Manchester is a proud city, full of creative and passionate individuals – so when I found out a couple of Mancunian hairdressers had revolutionised the hair brush with a brand new invention, I had to find out more.

Now, to most people reading this, the art of backcombing hair isn't something you've ever had to learn, or have ever been bothered about whatsoever – but trust me, your girlfriend, wife, daughter or sister is, so remember that come December!

Introducing the Hairshark, a brand new Mancunian invention which doubles up as the world's first two-sided backcomber and is the perfect Christmas gift for the woman in your life (thank us later).

The Hairshark

Whoever you are, this genius new Manchester-born product is either an incredible present or the hairbrush that will never leave your hand bag, and it's currently taking the beauty world by storm.

So much so that celebrities are using it in their hordes for their Instagram selfies and sales have been through the roof with minimal marketing spend from hairdressing duo and product creators Jo Ferns and Anders Rusden.

The pair have a combined 40 years of experience in the hairdressing industry – which means that they know exactly what people want and need when it comes to getting salon quality at home as well as the salon. But how did it all begin?

It all began on an otherwise normal lunch break. Jo and Anders were deep in conversation about how all of their clients share the same problem: How to enjoy fuller, volumised hair outside of their trips to the salon. And it didn't take long until they had brainstormed a possible solution.

Not long after this, the pair had already created their first makeshift two-sided brush and it quickly became a hit with clients, who all wanted to take it home with them. Now it was time to put this bad boy into production.

However, while the Hairshark was a quick, off the cuff invention, getting the product perfect was a different task – and took over three years and a whopping 11 different prototypes until both Jo and Anders were happy.

Hairshark HQ

Today, the Hairshark is a sleek, nifty little product that is getting high praise with a whopping five stars on Trustpilot and plenty of glowing reviews from both loyal customers and celebrities alike – and the genius duo are selling thousands of their beloved brushes every month.

Priced at £19.99 the brush is now stocked at Harvey Nichols, Housing Units and online at Missguided, as well as via their own website – and don't worry, they will ship it internationally!

How the Hairshark works

It's great to see Manchester entrepreneurs smashing it, especially game-changers like Anders and Jo, who not only invented their product, but managed to make it a financial success. Bucket hats off to them, r kid!

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