McDonald’s is launching spicy chicken nuggets in the UK


In some news that’s guaranteed to wake you up more than your morning coffee ever could, McDonald’s is launching SPICY CHICKEN NUGGETS IN THE UK.

Sorry for shouting, but yeah, I’m pretty excited about this news - the one thing that’s been missing from nugs over the years is spice.

The fast food chain have trialled Spicy McNuggets in the US and Asia, and lucky Aussies have them on their Maccies menu permanently, but this is the first time they’ve hit our shores.

The UK nugs have been developed with a special new recipe, and come with a Tabasco-based dip to really ramp up the heat.

And we don’t have to wait long to sample these culinary delights, as they’ll be available to buy from next Wednesday, August 7th, from 10.30am onwards.

The bad news, however, is they are only available for a limited run, so you have just seven weeks to fit as many spicy nugs in your gob as you can.

Prices will vary between Maccies branches, but on average they’ll set you back about the same as regular nuggets - £3.19 for six, £3.49 for nine and £4.99 for 20.

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