Meet the guys sanitising Manchester during the coronavirus pandemic

The Sanitiser Guys

As business owners tentatively prep for a return to their corporate premises for the first time in seven weeks, they’re left facing something of a dilemma.

Getting permission to re-enter the workplace is only the first hurdle. The bigger challenge is making the necessary changes to ensure environments are ‘COVID-19-ready’.

The government has published official guidelines for each sector so businesses can protect employees and prevent the virus spreading further.

Those that fail to enforce measures such as social distancing and deep cleaning put people at high risk of exposure – and could even face action for negligence.

That’s why so many companies in Manchester are calling on the likes of The Sanitiser Guys to help them tick all the boxes.

The Sanitiser Guys

Demand for infection prevention services has soared in recent weeks, and The Sanitiser Guys have been helping businesses get ready to go again.

Their unique cleaning method eliminates 99.9% of all bacteria – including COVID-19 – via fogging equipment that apparently disinfects areas otherwise impossible to reach.

They’ve been called to clean family homes, offices and education facilities since the outbreak and have now invested in a variety of new equipment to accommodate rising need across the city and beyond.

The Sanitiser Guys

Director Shane Jessop said: “Sanitisation, whilst cleansing the office of germs, also offers support towards companies risk assessments and gives staff and customers peace of mind. 

“Anyone wanting to take advantage of our cleaning and/or PPE equipment can always contact us for further advice.”

The Sanitiser Guys offer free quotes online for their touchpoint cleaning and anti-viral fogging services, including a cost calculator for properties.

Head over to their website to learn more about the group that’s sanitising Manchester during the pandemic.

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