Metrolink bosses got the public to ask them anything and it ended terribly

Tom Page / Flickr

Mancunians have a love-hate relationship with the Metrolink, although it’s more often than not geared towards hate. And delays. And overpriced tickets. And overcrowding. And more hate.

In an attempt to get down with the kids and utilise social media to show off how great their service is, Metrolink bosses foolishly decided to hold a Twitter Q&A last night.

And as you would expect, it didn’t end well for them at all.

The complaints ranged from ‘why is your service so crap’ to ‘why is it also so expensive’, with a side order of ‘why the fuck aren’t there more trams?’

Alan was straight to the point:

Stuart also didn't pull his punches:

Overcrowding at peak times was a common theme, as Lewis pointed out:

Metrolink responded to Lewis with the promise that 'more trams are on their way in 2020', so this guy asked the big question:

Metrolink didn't respond to his query, but some random person called Liam with a tram as their profile pic said '27 new trams are on their way'. He says he likes trams in his bio so I'm inclined to take his word for it.

This is really frustrating:

Amy asked the question all dog lovers have been wondering:

Bit of an odd one, why would you purchase another ticket for your luggage? And expect people to let you keep your bags on the seat when the tram is rammed? People are weird:

I think Ben definitely asked the most important question of the day:

No, scratch that, this is the most important question of the day:

If you need me I'll be staring quizzically into the middle distance pondering that one...

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