Molly-Mae and Tommy Fury reveal the cause of death after their new puppy passes away

YouTube / Molly Mae Hague

Love Island stars Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury have spoken out about the death of their puppy just days after welcoming him into their home.

Mancunian Boxer Tommy Fury surprised girlfriend Molly-Mae with the Pomeranian puppy, named Mr Chai, for her 21st birthday present, but the couple sadly announced yesterday morning that the dog had suddenly passed away after just six days.

The surprise divided fans after it was revealed that Tommy chose to import the puppy from Russia.

At the time of the initial announcement, no cause of death was confirmed and the couple requested privacy. Yesterday evening, they both took to social media to shed some light on the situation by speaking out in a candid video on Molly-Mae’s YouTube channel.

Speaking about Mr Chai’s cause of death, Molly-Mae explained that: “From two days in, we started to pick up on a few things, his poo was runny, he wasn’t eating that much and he started vomiting,”

“We took him to the vet […] The vet took him inside and we waited outside because of coronavirus. She rang us and said they were keeping him overnight because he might have an infection. We just thought we would pick him up the next day, but 30 minutes later she rang us and told us that Chai had had a seizure and that he had died.”

“Effectively Chai’s skull wasn’t formed properly, it wasn’t fully developed, part of the brain was exposed. In a tiny dog, even playing with him probably wasn’t helpful.”

Instagram / @tommytntfury & @mrchaibear

She continued: “The main thing was that Chai didn’t have a single white blood cell left in his body, even if he came into contact with his dog food or the pavement or anything, if he was to catch anything he couldn’t fight off any infection with his white blood cells, which all dogs should be able to do.”

“He was also born with some of his organs slightly enlarged.”

“What the vet said was that [even] if Chai was in Russia, [even] if Chai was in my mum’s care, [even] if Chai was born from a different breeder, [he] was always going to pass away with the conditions he was born with.”

The couple stated that whilst they understand people’s opinions about Mr Chai being imported from Russia, it was confirmed that was not the cause of his death.

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