Morrisons giving away free wonky carrots for kids to leave out for Rudolph


You have to leave out a carrot for Rudolph on Christmas Eve. It’s tradition.

Morrisons understands this. That's why the supermarket is giving away 125,000 free bags of wonky carrots for Santa’s reindeers this year!

You can grab some at the entrance of your local store on Saturday 21 December.


The promotion is a fun festive giveaway for kids, but Morrisons is also hoping it will boost sales of wonky veg in the long-term.

Most people avoid buying any vegetables that are misshapen or oversized - despite there being no difference in flavour. In fact, of the 1.6 million carrot bags sold in December, only 10-15% were wonky.

Alastair Ferguson, a Morrisons carrot farmer at Strawsons Farm commented: “The heavy rainfall this year has made harvesting very challenging.

"We’ve plenty of standard carrots for Christmas dinner - but also have a lot of wonky carrots.

"Carrots for Rudolph is helpful because it introduces customers to wonky veg, finds these carrots a home, and stops them being wasted."


After picking up your free carrots on the Saturday, it’s worth returning to Morrisons the following morning to grab a free orange.

Staff will be handing out stocking-filler fruit on Sunday 22 December. Every orange also comes with a story-card detailing why they're eaten at Christmas time!

Find your nearest Morrisons here.

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