New social distancing rules enforced on West Coast trains

Anna Shvets/Pexels

Passengers are being urged to purchase advance tickets and wear face coverings when they ride on West Coast trains as part of a wave of new social distancing measures introduced by operator Avanti.

Travellers on services linking Manchester, Birmingham, London and Glasgow may not be able to take their desired train if they are not in possession of a ticket.

Carriages could also be restricted to a quarter of their usual capacity, whilst shops on board Voyager trains will be closed with no food or drink options available.

Pendolino trains will continue to operate on-board shops, but will not accept re-usable coffee cups.

Waiting rooms and first class lounges on platforms are being shut until further notice.


Avanti West Coast managing director Phil Whittingham commented: “We’re appealing to our valued customers to help us and other passengers by only travelling with a reservation.

“If everyone does this, we’ll be able to keep social distancing in place on board, both for our customers and our people.

“If customers do turn up without a reservation, we’ll do our best to help but we can’t guarantee they’ll be able to take the train they want.”

Avanti West Coast will be distributing face masks to staff and enhancing cleaning routines on trains and stations – wiping down door buttons, grab handles, tables, touch points and point of sale systems.

Trains have been operating at around 50% of their usual rate during the peak of the COVID-19 outbreak, but Avanti West Coast will be introducing a new timetable from Monday (18 May) that will see the number of services rise for the first time in weeks.

Visit their website for more information.

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