New survey finds that more than half of couples wee in front of each other

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There’s a million and one ways to increase the bond of a relationship, but who would’ve thought this would score quite as high as it has?

It’s not always the sort of thing people are too proud to admit, but a new survey has revealed that more than half of couples believe that urinating in front of each other is one of the keys to a strong relationship.

A survey of 1,025 US and European citizens by QS Supplies has uncovered the sorts bathroom acts that couples are happy to engage in around one another, but what is considering ‘crossing the bathroom line’ and what is seen as ‘bathroom bonding’?

It was found that 48% of surveyed couples admitted to urinating in front of each other, but whilst it may be considered “gross”, 59% of them said they believed this behaviour actually “improved their bond with their partner”.

QS Supplies

When it comes to ‘bathroom bonding’, there’s more than just having a wee though as everything from ‘grooming partner’s body hair’ (65%) and ‘cleaning partner’s ears’ (59%), to even ‘using partner’s deodorant (39%) have been cited by couples as helping to strengthen their relationship.

Other high-scoring commonly practised “gross behaviours within the top 20 list include ‘sniffing partner to see if they smell’ (43%), ‘popping partner’s pimples’ (25%), ‘using partner’s deodorant’ (42%) and even ‘picking partner’s nose’ (11%). In fact, around nine out of 10 participants (87%) confessed that either they or their partner was guilty of at least one of these “gross” behaviours, with the average being five.

Whether they’re “gross” behaviours or not though, it looks as though they seems to be working.

Researches found that 47% of these ‘guilty’ couples were actually satisfied in their relationships, compared with 28% of couples who only engaged in a few, or wouldn’t own up at all.

You can find the full list of ‘bathroom boundaries’ results on the QS Supplies website here.

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