Nurses ‘off their faces’ after granddad brings cannabis-laced cake in as a thank-you

Warrington and Halton Hospitals’ Charity

Some nurses accidentally got 'off their faces' after a granddad brought a cannabis-laced cake in to say thank you.

The man was a relative of a patient, and accidentally gave them a weed-infused cake as a thank you gift.

Police were called to Warrington Hospital after staff munched down on the red velvet cake - great choice to be fair - and began to feel very ‘relaxed’, according to reports.

Stas2k / Wikipedia

The granddad brought the cake from his grandson’s 18th birthday, unaware that it was laced with weed, and gave it to the nurses to show his appreciation after they provided care to a family member.

A member of staff, who asked not to be identified, said:

They were eating the cake and then the next minute the staff were all off their faces. It was brought in by a nice old man as a thank you, but it was full of funny stuff and had them all relaxed. There was no impact on the patients whatsoever, but they all knew something was wrong, so the police were called in.

Cheshire Police tested the cake, confirming it did contain cannabis, although they concluded the pensioner had no idea what was in it and took the matter no further.

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