Paddy McGuinness attacked by ‘ignorant tool’ for parking in a disabled space

Simon P Blackburn / Wikimedia

Northern legend Paddy McGuinness has called out a ‘bell end’ who had a go at him for parking in a disabled space.

The Take Me Out host was out with his kids over the weekend when he was approached by a stranger who told them they didn’t look disabled.

According to Paddy, they had the relevant disabled badges on display as he parked at the play centre, and after sending his kids in he took a deep breath before dealing with the ‘ignorant tool’.

Although all he wanted to do was ‘bounce him off every car’, instead the comic explained to the random man why he was wrong for his ‘ignorance’.

The Bolton comedian and his wife Christine have twins Leo and Penelope, 6, who have both been diagnosed with autism, as well as three-year-old Felicity.

He took to Twitter to vent his frustration:

Well done Paddy for not losing your temper - the sooner everyone realises not all disabilities are visible the better.

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