People are buying kids’ doll beds from IKEA for their cats to sleep in


Yes they're meant for dolls, but why can't they be for cats too?

Cats aren't fussy with their sleeping spots.

After all, as the well-known rhyme goes, cats sleep anywhere.

Following on from the recent lockdown trend which saw people take up the complicated art of crocheting to make little couches for their cats to sleep on, it now seems as though a new trend is emerging and cats are instead sleeping on tiny IKEA beds.

Whilst IKEA does have an excellent range of pet products, these aren't actually beds designed for cats though. These beds are part of the children's toy range DUKTIG and are actually made for dolls.

As the trend continues to catch on across the world, people have been taking to various social media platforms to share pictures of their feline friends tucked up all cosy in their new beds and it's really bloody cute.

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Instagram / @ikeakovel_ua

IKEA’s 'DUKTIG Doll’s Bed' comes in a light pine wood, with a small bedding set and is only £13.

It's currently being sold with the intention of “[encouraging] make-believe play” for young children with their toys, but pet owners have decided to use their imagination themselves, ignore all of that and let their cats have them instead because they might as well.

If this's given you an idea you that didn't know you needed, but now you fancy buying one for your cat too, you can order a DUKTIG Doll's bed off the IKEA website here.

Fancy some more cat content? Go one then.

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All IKEA stores across the UK & Ireland are currently closed to the public amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Reports emerged last week indicating that stores are set to reopen soon, but this speculation has not been confirmed or formally addressed by the company itself.

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