People are selling Aldi’s Kevin the Carrot toys on eBay for £1,000


People are cashing in on Kevin the Carrot.

Customers who queued for hours at their local Aldi and still missed out the popular Christmas toy have been left dismayed at Kevin being re-sold for hugely inflated prices on eBay.

Aldi limited figures to two per person, and hysteria swept across stores as customers, quite literally, fought for the few remaining figures available.


Whilst Kevin has now technically sold out, he is still available on eBay for up to £1,000… despite having an original sale price of less than four quid.

Russell Sprout, another character in the Aldi Christmas advert, is also being re-listed at eye-watering prices - with one seller trying to get £899.


Angry customers have taken to Twitter to vent their frustration.

As things stand, Kevin is not due to be re-stocked at any Aldi stores.

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