Phillip Schofield’s ‘savage’ response to woman who got free nose job on NHS


This Morning viewers were shocked today by the story of a woman who claimed a free nose job after lying about being depressed to her GP.

Former model Carla Bellucci says she faked depression and flirted with her doctor to get the operation for free on the NHS.

The 37-year-old admitted she’d ‘milked’ the system, by pretending to have breathing problems and a serious mental health illness in order to get the procedure done.


Carla told the programme:

Before I knew it I had an appointment within four weeks to go and see a surgeon. It got granted there and then. They had a little look, they said ‘do you have breathing issues’, I said yes, after what I was advised to say. I find it hard to breath at night, I get the odd nose bleed. Within 30 seconds of saying it he said ‘we can do the operation’.

Viewers were quick to praise Phillip Schofield for his ‘savage’ response to her, pulling no punches when he told her: "Your nose is still a bit off!"

Holly Willoughby also didn’t hold back, appealing to the ex-model’s moral side:

Just because you can work the system and you can get away and you know the right things to say, there is self policing. Shouldn't you have said that to yourself? We've had parents of people who can't afford to pay for life saving treatment for their kids and the NHS won't fund them.

Holly later revealed This Morning received around 6,000 complaints about Carla’s confession.

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