Pint glasses that lock together so you don’t drop them launch at Wetherspoons


Have you ever approached the bar for a round with a feeling of dread that one of your ice cold pints is going to slip out of your grasp, smashing both the physical structure of the glass and your reputation at the local boozer?

Nah me neither, but it’s a thing that definitely happens - we know this from the sound of smashing glass followed by eruptions of ‘wheyyyyyy’ that are commonplace across UK pubs.

If you have been unfortunate enough to experience the above scenario then panic no more, there’s now pint glasses that lock together so you won’t drop them.


Carling have released them, so the major drawback of these new pints is that you have to drink Carling. I’d rather sup Stella from a smashed heap of glass on the floor to be honest.

The glasses use vertical grooves to bind together, and have a thinner middle so even people with smaller hands can easily hold four at a time. As well as that they have embossed lettering to make them less slippery, and nucleated bottoms to keep your pint fresher for longer.

Anyway, if for some reason you don’t mind being seen in public drinking Carling, then the new glasses will be available across the country from today in most Wetherspoon, Greene King and Mitchells & Butlers pubs.

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