Plans to pedestrianise Manchester’s Northern Quarter have been unveiled


Some parts of the Northern Quarter could soon be pedestrianised.

If plans come to fruition, cycle lanes will be implemented in the area and parts of Stevenson Square and Thomas Street will become a no access zone for vehicles.

The plans are yet to be confirmed but there is a public consultation set for February 17 which will allow people to have their say.

Manchester City Council

Manchester City Council wants to make NQ "more attractive, safer and greener" and will inject a £10.6m contribution from the mayor's Challenge Fund into the project, if approved.

The plans include "segregated cycle lanes, the removal of some on-street parking, and changing some areas to one-way access for vehicles."

While Thomas Street will become a 'pedestrian and cycle only zone', with the exception of permitted loading times in the mornings and evenings. Much like how St Ann's Square operates.


The proposal comes as no surprise, after plans for a region-wide £28 million cycling and walking network were unveiled last year.

What do you think about the plans? Are you for or against them?

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