Prestwich resident builds her own flour empire as demand for baking booms

A Preswich resident has been renamed ‘Pablo’ by her neighbours after building a flour empire during the pandemic.

Bags of this fine white powder have been like gold dust during lockdown; with Brits falling over one another to get their hands on some as the UK turns into a nation of amateur bakers.

But one woman in Prestwich has found a way to ensure her street never goes hungry.

‘Pablo’ has purchased whopping 16kg sacks of flour and distributed the contents evenly into a series of inconspicuous ziplock bags – using the neighbourhood WhatsApp group to take orders and arrange collections.

Homeowners on the Prestwich street have used the group chat to swap books and set up socially distanced exercise slots in the past.

But with Pablo’s exclusive supply of high-grade powder unavailable in supermarkets; flour has now become the most sought after ingredient.

Orders are flying in.

In any other year, a faux black market for baking ingredients would be dismissed as utterly insane.

But this is 2020. People don’t do normal anymore.

Still, the bottom line here is: If you want the finest flour in town, now you know where to go…

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