Rewards-based fundraiser launched to save beloved local brewery Manchester Union Lager

Manchester Union Lager

A Crowdfunder campaign designed to reward donations has been launched to keep Manchester Union Lager afloat during the pandemic.

The popular beer brand quickly gathered a large following during its first year of production; putting a Mancunian twist on European-style brewing.

But their business model collapsed overnight when the outbreak of COVID-19 shut down bars and restaurants – closing every possible revenue stream.

In an attempt to continue trading, Manchester Union Lager is switching from kegs to cans – but they need as much financial support as possible to make the transition a successful one.

Co-founder Will Evans said: “Through February we had just hit our full stride. We were one year old and we’d just celebrated our first birthday.

“We were getting consistently into the top ten brewers (and beers) on Brewer’s Eye and we’d literally just got to full capacity in bars and restaurants in Manchester.

“That was pretty much our strategy – all beer, in kegs, straight to the bars in the local area where people could get the freshest possible beer delivered through draft.”

When disaster struck, Manchester Union Lager knew they needed to come up with a Plan B, fast.

That’s when they decided to package their beer for shops, online stores and home delivery.

Fellow founder Jamie Scahill commented: “Over the past four weeks, we’ve been working on a campaign to get our lager into cans – and this is where you can help.”

He continued: “This represents a massive change of strategy for us. Instead of going into a bar to drink our lager, you’ll be able to drink our lager in your own home.

“This is a pay it forward campaign where you pay for the beer now and we deliver to your home from the first batch of cans.

“There’s loads of other rewards available as well, and we may regret this but we’re also offering lager for life!”

Manchester Union Lager

The Manchester Union Lager Crowdfunder has already generated over £4,000 so far.

People are free to make a one-off donation or “purchase” one of numerous rewards – including private brewery tours, lager delivered to the workplace, a huge supply of beer, or the opportunity to claim first dibs on the new cans.

You can get involved, claim a reward and ensure the survival of a great local business by visiting the official Crowdfunder page.

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