Sainsbury’s is not selling fireworks this year

With Halloween and Bonfire Night fast approaching and the nights drawing in, it’s that time when we start to hear the unmistakable sound of fireworks.

We’re weeks away from Bonfire Night, and while some people love the sights and sounds of a firework display, others absolutely dread this time of year.

The loud bangs can cause distress to animals, the elderly and kids, turning what is meant to be a celebration into a stressful experience.

If you’re not a fan of them, you’ll be pleased to hear Sainsbury’s has confirmed it will not be selling fireworks in any of its stores this year.

A woman on Twitter asked the supermarket if they would be selling them. She wrote:

@sainsburys Have to say well done & thank you. Been informed local branch #Stanmore won’t b selling fireworks this year due 2 the distress it causes our pets & wildlife. Any other stores doing this? Can’t thank you enough as my dog is beside herself with fear at these times.

Sainsbury’s responded, saying: "Hey Sally, thanks! We won't be selling fireworks in any of our stores this year. Hope this helps!"

People were quick to congratulate the supermarket on the move, with Keith saying ‘I think fireworks should be banned full stop’.

What do you think? Are you glad to see fireworks banned or are Sainsbury’s ruining Bonfire Night?

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