Shaun Ryder reveals that he’s ‘recently lost all of his body hair’


Happy Mondays' legend Shaun Ryder has spoken out about recently losing 'all of his body hair' following concerns from loyal fans.

The Manchester music icon spoke to Good Morning Britain about his 'unexplained alopecia' diagnosis which recently followed a hip surgery.

Shaun, who currently claims to have "no eyelashes, fingernails and no hair whatsoever" says his condition has baffled doctors.

In his interview on Good Morning Britain, he said: "I've just had a new hip, and at the same time all my body hair decides to fall out."


"Because I have an under-active thyroid that makes you put on weight and slow down, they thought it might have been linked to that or the fact I don't produce testosterone anymore."

"They thought it might be linked to that. Now it doesn't look like that. Then said it might be stress related, but I'm the least stressed I've ever been in my life, so they've got a lot more experimenting on me to find out."

Fans recently began asking questions about his health after an appearance on Celebrity Gogglebox alongside former bandmate Bez.


However, social media were singing the pair's praises after they had the nation in stitches on the show –  it seems they've never lost that special Mancunian chemistry.

Whatever it turns out to be, we wish Shaun all the best in his recovery – and the best of luck with the Happy Mondays' upcoming greatest hits tour, which we WILL be attending.

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