Slattery is now delivering ‘lockdown treats’ boxes right to your front door


The iconic Whitefield chocolatier and patissier has reopened its doors for collection and delivery orders.

In what is sure to be music to the ears of chocolate lovers right across the borough, Slattery is now delivering ‘Stay Home Treats’ boxes right to your front door during lockdown.

Each box is filled with various sweet treats, cakes, chocolates and even wine too.

The family-owned business, which made the decision to temporarily close its doors to the public amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic at the end of March, is one of Greater Manchester’s most beloved names and after taking to social media to inform fans of the reopening, was met with widespread support.[0]=68.ARDNawVI9zNW4J2cZSmieOpVfNM1rvNKyxPvewkO_1hzD5kSZn6_X5GAaema6CMYvz1yU5XTNKFrnJp7yZby1TlDyQlz-Hey5vg3Wo9mI7NsG4V1vKPxHFy-yMoIcZ7FQEzaxWwD0972ZgtQbVQhK9ycjJi04BGxCtcesUYiDcULMNR-slhN1q6s11vlA0gDOGIuWm5j97IqicOdrw7rXw8ertwlMu3HyB4xG_mihiaMhYUu6rF2afUF7Cg9fCl-FsdqC_-7pbu2mGb0pn-KMcT7jmJcH-b-e1Y4JG70g3E6dGTnOjhkGiYwoBwlUrdItaxa1SUeIB9KTjCtlQ&__tn__=-R

Whether it’s the perfect mug of hot chocolate you’re after, a tipple or two, the full chocolate experience, or even a surprise, there’s something for everyone to get stuck into.

Some of the ‘Stay Home Treats’ boxes include a ‘Hot Chocolate Selection Box’, a ‘Cream Tea Sweet Box’, a small or large ‘Lockdown Sweet Treat Box’ and a ‘Chocolate Family Treat Box’. If we had to pick one though, we have to say we’re definitely intrigued by the ‘Mystery Box’ for just £10 that’s filled with an assortment of different treats.

A map of delivery zones has been posted, which covers parts of Bury, Bolton, Oldham, Rochdale and North Manchester, along with guidance that customers are asked to follow. As well as home delivery, there is also the option for collection.

Should you opt for collection, Slattery has informed the public of the necessary social distancing measures that have been put in place in order to adhere to government guidelines.

In a post on Facebook, Slattery stated that: “For those collecting, please use our queue system in the car park.”

“We will bring your order to the table outside and step back for you to collect it.”[0]=68.ARD8l-_Bx9gv1U2FZXAUoHGVZ6MORrygTaIPYOYDXB2zF9P7pWLAyrdUjLttvo8Hm3HVyOiYsrNDK4Zct3hsSoT2xzs19gO9Y168GHDD4xEoDhNcCshiB1swI8wWD9h50cbKRzNozw0HUx2yKnzfGtXkthiwvGkJtge0zMt66KVqrK24sfVfrnBmm9xGlelF3qObUJoFmR04552AgsAPsLf5k0Ll0cR8FdaA6Y-qs7vo3m_7pgTovO0GF1FsNA8jhIUbGBJ7lBMTHVEjH-C4eoYWqWwkZ5X8MM7X3oPI7GHBsP6Svr6gu3YIxxaAqBDme32XoxDChjIstprx3Q&__tn__=-R

Whilst the kitchen has reopened, do note that The Slattery shop, The Masons Dining Room and The Slattery School of Excellence continue to remain closed to the public until further notice.

If you’re looking to properly treat yourself and support a local business during difficult times, then you really can’t go wrong with this, can you?

Each of the ‘Stay Home Treats’ boxes be ordered through the Slattery website here.

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