Somebody has been reviewing all of the toilets in Manchester

The Loo Review MCR

Public toilets can be really hit or miss, but luckily we’ve stumbled across someone who’s reviewing all the loos across Manchester to find out which one’s your safest bet.

When it comes to using the loo in public, if you’ve got to go, then you’ve got to go.

You can’t be picky about where sometimes, it’s just a case of going and if you’ve ever been in this position before, then we bet you’ve probably seen some right states. Public loos aren’t exactly known to be the cleanest of places, we know that, but some are honestly just unbelievable.

If taking a midday toilet trip is a regular occurrence for you, then you’ll probably have settled on a public loo you quite like by now, one that you can depend on, but it likely involved some trial and error to get to that point. Now, if you haven’t really got the time to be traipsing across the city to try and test the toilets to pick your top loo though, don’t worry, because we’ve found someone who’s already doing it for you.

We somehow stumbled across an Instagram account over the weekend called The Loo Review ( and it’s probably going to save a few lives. It’s just brilliant. If you’re looking for the best toilet experience for your next Manchester ‘business trip’, then look no further.

Started back in September 2019, The Loo Review offers one of the more unconventional tours of our city, but that doesn’t make it any less important. In fact, some would probably argue it’s more important.

The loo reviews are location marked with the establishment/restaurant that they’re housed within and start off with a basic overall description. They’re then ranked based on a list of criteria, including cleanliness, aesthetic, function and atmosphere, which is done so using a universally-understandable star rating system.

Each individual category rating then all adds up to an average overall score ranking the best of the best.

You couldn’t really ask for more from a loo reviewing account, could you?

The Loo Review is the account you didn’t know you needed until now, or maybe you did, but let’s face it, they’re doing the Lord’s work and people are no doubt thankful for it. So, if you don’t fancy being scarred for life by your next public toilet experience, then The Loo Review is the one for you.

Given everything that’s going on in the world at the moment amid a global pandemic, no loos have been reviewed on the account since the end of February, but that’s bound to only be temporary.

Make sure you head on over to give The Loo Review a follow here, so you’re ready for when they resume the reviewing of loos post-COVID.


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