Someone is selling plastic McDonald’s straws on eBay for £1,000

Paul Siarkowski / Flickr

An eBay seller is selling 'super rare' plastic McDonald's straws on eBay for £1,000 as the petition to bring them back nears 40,000 signatures.

The eBay listing comes after the fast food chain recently launched paper straws in order to reduce their impact on the environment, which saw plastic straws removed from all of its 1,361 restaurants across UK and Ireland.

The seller describes the plastic straws as 'super rare', writing: "brilliant uncirculated brand new McDonald's straw this is soon to become the stuff of legend, imagine your about 50 years older than you are now, telling your grandchildren how you got given plastic straws from McDonald’s and they will look up to you like god!"

Nigel Chadwick / Geograph

He continues: "And you will turn to them and laugh and say I’m no god, I was alive before the snowflake generation took over! Want to bring them back so you don’t have to spend money on my listing? Then sign the petition."

The choice to ditch plastic straws by McDonald's was met by the general public with plenty of praise, but the number against of people against it is worryingly rising.

Speaking to the Manchester Evening News, a McDonald's spokesperson said: "We take pride in doing the right thing and are taking significant steps to reduce our environmental impact. Our suppliers have made us paper straws that last at least 30 minutes in most, if not all liquids and were introduced following customer demand."

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