Student tries a cheeky plan to try and get out of his Zoom class

Tech has been our saving grace since the outbreak struck. It’s kept us all going.

Without our glowing screens and internet connections, we’d be stranded alone on our own separate little islands; unable to work, learn or communicate.

Schools, in particular, have benefitted from the ability to continue in a virtual format – with education facilities moving classrooms online as students log in for lessons via Zoom.


But teachers have quickly learned something from the experience. Troublesome students will always find a way to cause disruption – regardless of whether they’re in the room or not.

One tutor took to to Reddit this week to reveal the perfect example.

A student in their class decided they didn’t want to take part in the lesson, so pretended his internet was down by changing his name to “Reconnecting…”

Whilst this sneaky attempt at virtual truancy didn’t quite work on this occasion – you’ve got to give credit where credit is due. It’s a decent effort.

Would he have gotten away with it if he’d managed to spell “reconnecting” correctly? Perhaps.

Looks like he might need those school lessons after all.

Read the full thread on Reddit.

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