Swizzels hunting for biggest Parma Violets fan to give them year’s worth of sweets


If someone told seven year old me that I could win a year’s supply of sweets and go on a VIP sweet factory tour I’d have told you to fluff off, or something else I might have thought was offensive at the time.

But before you tell me to fluff off, or something more adult and actually offensive, you CAN win the above, courtesy of the good people at Swizzels.

The sweets company are on the hunt to locate the number one Parma Violets fan in the country, and the lucky winner will not only win a year’s supply of the sweets for free, they’ll also be treated to an exclusive behind the scenes tour of how they are made.

I’m not sure what goes on behind the scenes at Swizzels, but if Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is anything to go by then you better mentally prepare yourself for the tour, because shit might go down (there may or may not be small violet Oompa Loompas running amok - probably not but who knows).

The competition runs until Monday June 10th, and to enter all you need to do is simply tell them why you are the biggest Parma Violet fan going, or alternatively send photographic proof.

Do you have a room dedicated to the retro sweets? Or maybe you had a Parma Violets-themed wedding? Or perhaps you crumble the sweets on every meal you have? If it’s the last one, please have a word with yourself.

Maybe you changed your name to Parma Violets Biggest Fan In The World Ever IDST via Deed Poll, and angrily attack anyone who refuses to call you by your new name? Who knows, but if you did change your name to that you’re pretty much guaranteed to win the sweets, so fair play.

Jeremy Dee, managing director of Swizzels, said:

Parma Violets have been instrumental in the success of Swizzels because of their loyal and dedicated fanbase. As a result of this we want to find and reward the biggest fan as a way of saying thank you whilst celebrating one of Swizzels’ most traditional sweets.

You can enter the competition on the Swizzels website here. And good luck to Mr Parma Violets Biggest Fan In The World Ever IDST, sorry I accidentally called you Dave again!